09.30 Forum opens with seminars

09.30 - 11.00 Seminars

The participants choose between five topics of seminars:

Seminar A (Albania)
Empowerment through Regional Cooperation; Partnering Tools
The seminar focus will be on EU perspective of cooperation, identification of steps for creation of a regional cooperation, specific tools for making the cooperation sustainable and succesful, analyzes of success stories of regional cooperation.
Speaker: Ms. Mirela Arqimandriti
Facilitator: Ms. Klotilda Ferhati

Seminar B (Bosnia-Hercegovina)
Cooperation in networks
The focus of the seminar is to point out the importance of networking in order to achieve a better success in the areas of activity. How much success is achieved as an the same task. Experiences related to the cooperation that is converted into network and leads to better achieve success. Opening the discussion on the issues of success through networking at local and regional level.
Speaker: Mrs. Emina Haskić
Facilitator: Mr. Ismet Sokoljanin

Seminar C (Macedonia)
Cooperation leadership and empowerment
The aim of the seminar is underlining the possibilities that are opening for development and empowerment of the women as well as the society trough cooperation. Exchanging experience and lessons learned from the regional cooperation, necessity for empowering women to become leaders, empowering regional cooperation for development of NGO’s and countries.
Speaker: Prof. Olga Murdževa Škarić, PhD in Psychology
Facilitator: Ms. Savka Todorovska 

Seminar D (Serbia)
Cooperation and NGOs capacities building

The aim of this seminar is to raise a questions about efficiency and impacts of cooperation within different kind of NGOs projects, comparing  regional and international level. What lessons we learn and how to use them for wellbeing of our members or communities we have as a target groups. We are expecting active participation of seminar attendees. There will be presented principles of international development assistance with aim to emphasize importance of knowledge in communication with EU institutions and other stakeholders in process of projects shaping.
Speaker: Marija Šijan-Mitrović
Facilitator: Dušica Semenčenko Ph.D

Seminar E (Sweden)
Empowerment through capacity building
Emboldening Institutional Integrity in Southeastern Europe – Lesson learned for Western Balkan

EU enlargement and the incorporation of the acquis communautaire are widely seen as successful and emboldening the integrity of political, administrative and legal institutions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The experience from Poland and Bulgaria will be presented. Lesson learned from the process to use for the development in Western Balkan
Speaker: Kjell Engelbrekt, Associate Professor, Swedish National Defence College
Facilitator: Margareta Eklund

11.00 - 11.15 Coffee will be served

11.15 Exhibition opens. Exhibitioners from NGO, companies and female entrepreneurs

Venue: National Historic Museum (very near Hotel Tirana)

12.00 Workshops starts

From 12.00 he participants are offered to choose between selections of workshops.
An area for coffee and networking will be available in the conference lobby from 15.00.

12.00 - 13.00 Workshops

Social Audits – a powerful tool to enhance the collaboration between local governance and citizens
Ms. Mirela Arqimandriti
Ms. Etleva Bisha

Domestic violence as a phenomenon
Ms. Savka Todorovska
National Council for gender equality Macedonia 

EU report on Western Balkan 2011
Mr Detlev Boeing
European Commission

Women entrepreneurs ambassadors
Facilitator: Olivera Popović, ABW

Local Union of Tenants, Tuzla
Challenges and perspectives

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

14.00 - 14.45 Workshops

Cross-border youth networking
The experience of youth leadership links in Balkan countries, youth funds and youth entities.
Cooperation and Empowerment of new ideas in a society.
Speaker: Ms. Lediona Asabella
Representative (Bank of Ideas) 

Ronja –crossborder and regional cooperation
Ms. Maja Dilberova
REC Macedonia
Ms. Klotilda Ferati
REC Albania

TACSO – Technical Assistant of NGOs for EU projects In Western Balkan
TASCO Office in Albania 

Holistic approach to health - stronger connections between people
Moderator: Ms. Tatjana Jevdjović

Regional networking through peace building activities of youth from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina

15.00 - 15.45 Workshops

AWEN-Support on Social and Economical Empowerment of Albania’s Women. Social Policies of Albanian State Institutions on women’s supporting
Speakers: Ms. Denada Dibra (Director of Social Services Policies in MOLSAEO) and Ms. Brikena Puka
Facilitator: Ms. Ines  Xhelili

A way to make profit
Mr Zoran Vitanov
TREJD Consulting

Concorde - to support NGO
Colin Kampshcoer, Policy Officer - Coherence for Development (PCD) and AidWatch/Aid Effectiveness

Presentation of the successful work in KAGIDER/Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey
Speaker: Aslihan Tekin, President/TR Plus Centre for Turkey in Europe

REC – case studies of Tuzla REC members (from initial education to international networking)

16.00 - 16.45 Workshops

IUT and EU
Research on Affordable Rental Housing for the Young
The advocacy and lobbying activities related to EU’s institutions and legislative procedure.
Moderator: Bertil Mattsson
Speaker: Daniela Janeva, International Union of Tenants, Brussels. 

Enhancing inter- ethnic dialogue thought implementation of UNSCR 1325
The implementation of UNSCR1325 will contribute in developing gender sensitive multiculturalism and inter-ethic dialogue and increasing the women participation in decision making and peace building.
Dragana Drndarevska, Youth Centre for Equal Opportunities, Skopje 

I love Europe
A project where European youth gather in places in Europe, to be "ambassadors" in their own countries for possibilities for young people to be able to work and study wherever there's opportunities.
Speaker: Hadar Kronberg

Empowerment through dialogue
Process oriented tools for successful work in the civil society
Speaker: Joel Ahlberg, Folke Bernadotte Academy

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18.00 Forum close

20.00 Freja Forum Event (Surprise)



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