In the European year devoted to innovation and creativity, Freja Forum 2009 acknowledges the importance of the participation of civil society organizations in different human activities with creative and innovative approaches, aiming to contribute quality of life enhancement.

Democracy goes hand-in-hand with human development. The Freja Forum 2009 emphasize a quality of life in Western Balkan countries as one of main achievements of democratic societies, having in mind Sweden, as a European country with the best outputs in maintaining the quality of life.

"Quality of life" clearly embraces a very wide area of policy interests, with a particular need to map and understand disparities associated with age, gender, health, income, social class and region.

The quality of society, both locally and generally, is a fundamental element in quality of life. Even in those countries with the highest ranking life quality, there are constantly needs for more equality, for better life and work conditions.

Social trust and perception of societal tensions, emphasize the urgent need to address issues of social relations and social cohesion. Social change is generally slow and difficult, however, it faces increasing challenges in a time of economic turmoil and the frowning risk of social exclusion, therefore NGOs could play a crucial role in achieving a better quality of life, using their competencies as a main civil society force.

FREJA FORUM structure

The Freja Forum is working during three days:

First day: Conference in plenum with important speakers from different countries on the topic of European integration.

Second day: Choose between different seminars and workshops to make a programme which meets your expectations and needs. Networking activities and visit the exhibition

Third day: Conclusions from the participants, summary and decisions about the content of the next forum with leaders from Europe.


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