Freja Forum is a platform for networking and co-operation within the nonprofit sector for the Western Balkans, Turkey and the EU.

The second weekend in November every year, the event Freja Forum takes place in the Western Balkans to discuss issues of equality, democracy and development for the nonprofit sector and civil society.

In Freja Forum on 9-11 November 2012 in Istanbul, the question of equal opportunities, democracy and social innovations will be discussed. What does the concept of social innovation mean? How can the voluntary sector and community benefit from social innovations? How do young people seize the opportunity to influence its development?

Freja Forum offers three days of seminars, workshops and informal meetings. This year's theme of social innovations also focuses on citizenship. The forum will provide knowledge, experience and practical tips on how citizens' influence could increase.

Freja Forum - History

2007 in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Theme: Equal opportunities, Democracy and the role of NGO.
2008 in Zagreb, Croatia – Theme: European integration.
2009 in Belgrade, Serbia – Theme: Quality of life.
2010 in Skopje, Macedonia - Theme: Equal Opportunities, Democracy and challenges of Mobility.
2011 in Tirana, Albania - Theme: Development through cooperation within civil society.


The vision is to establish frequent forums which can contribute to building a stronger civil society in Western Balkans, Turkey and EU.


Freja Forum is free but participants pay for travel and accommodation. 





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