Venue: European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Belliard 99, B-1040 Brussels
08:00   REGISTRATION    
, 99 rue Belliard

Ms Margareta Eklund, President, Freja Academy
Mr Andris Kesteris, Principal Adviser Civil society and Media, DG Enlargement, European Commission
Ms Maria Åsenius, Head of Cabinet Commissioner Malmström, DG Home Affairs
Mr Eduard Kukan, European Parliament MEP - Chair of the Delegation for relations with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo
Mr Cveto Stantic, Co Chair of the EU – Turkey Joint Consultative Committee European Economic and Social Committee
10:00 - 10:20   Coffee Break    
10:20 - 12:00   SEMINARS (seminar content and speakers in annex 1)
    SEMINAR 1: Facing challenges of housing and social inclusion
JDE 61, 99 rue Belliard

Moderator: Mr Bertil Mattson, Swedish Union of Tenants.
Speakers: Mr Jürgen Jensen, IUT, Ms Maja Dilberova, Union for Protection of tenants “MakeDom“, FYR Macedonia, Ms Nora Malaj, Expert for Antipoverty platform in Albania, Expert from Serbia concerning social housing.
    SEMINAR 2: The role of women's organization in public private partnership
JDE 62, 99 rue Belliard

Moderator: Ms Yesim Sevig, FREJA Academy.
Speakers: Dr Sanja Popović Pantić, President ABW, Serbia, Dr Gulden Turktan, KAGIDER President, Ms Klotilda Ferhati, Legal expert on gender issues, Albania, Mr. Ferruh Gurtas – Intel Middle East, Turkey, Africa Corporate Affairs Director.
    SEMINAR 3: Social Entrepreneurship a tool for empowerment of CSO's and social excluded groups
JDE 63, 99 rue Belliard

Moderator: Ms Jasminka Tadić Husanović, FREJA Academy, Bosnia Herzegovina representative.
Speakers: Mr Emmanuel Vallens, DG Internal Market and Services, European Commission; Mr Teo Petričević, Croatia; Ms Bedriye Hulya, Ashoka Foundation; Dr Dušica Semenčenko, Mihajlo Pupin, Serbia; Mr Albi Greva, Executive director of Vodafone Albania Foundation.
12:00 - 12:30   B2B and P2P networking    
12:30 - 13:30   LUNCH in Atrium, Atrium 6, 6th floor, 99 rue Belliard
    WORKSHOP 1.1: Aspects of youth situation in Balkan Countries
JDE 62, 99 rue Belliard

The workshop will deal with the aspects of the situation of young people in Europe. Perspectives from ethnic, race, gender and nationality and their influence to living conditions The "I love Europe" project team will contribute to the workshop with their experience.

Facilitator/rapporteur: Ms Maja Staleska, Freja Academy, FYR Macedonia.
Speaker: Mr Jonathan Hultgren and Lenada Gijeka , project “I Love Europe“; Ms Danjela Shkalla, General Coordinator of United for Child Care and Protection Coalition; Mr Ismet Sokoljanin, HA “Prijateljice”, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ms Natasha Dimitrovska, Youth Centre for Equal Opportunities, FYR Macedonia
    WORKSHOP 1.2: Open discussions and follow up of the seminar 1 concerning housing and social inclusion, with insights from Enlargement Strategy and Progress Report
JDE 63, 99 rue Belliard

Facilitator/Rapporteur: Ms Blagorodna Shopova, National Council for Gender Equality, FYR Macedonia
Speakers: Ms Barbara Steenberger, EU office of International Union of Tenants; Mr Detlev Boeing, DG Enlargement
    WORKSHOP 2.1: CSO's financial situation and aid support
TRE 7701, 77 Rue du Trèves

The financial situation of CSO’s in our countries is not sustainable. A fragile financial system supporting CSO’s initiative and not well coordinated, sometime overlapped for different actions brought forward fragile organizations. The main objectives of this workshop are to discuss the situation of CSOs in countries participants on FREJA forum in Brussels, and their best practice.

Facilitator/Rapporteur: Ms Mirela Arqimandriti, FREJA Academy, Albania representative
Speakers: Ms Delina Fico, Head of Board of Directors of Albanian Women Empowerment Network; Ms Jadranka Duraković, Tuzla Canton Red Cross secretary general, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mr Joel Ahlberg, Expert, Bernadotte Academy (tbc); Ms Devrim Erol (ANGIKAD-Turkey)
14:45 - 15:00   Coffee Break    
    Workshop 2.2: Mobility Project – Balkan Coalition
JDE 62, 99 rue Belliard

In this workshop Balkan Coalition members will share information on their projects and initiatives. The discussion will involve all participant countries. This workshop’s main macro mission will be underlining the partnership and dialogue of NGO’s in Balkan region for a common better future.

Facilitator/Rapporteur: Mr Johan Pelling, FREJA Academy, Sweden representative
Speakers: Ms Apostolina Tsaltampasi, Balkan Coalition; Ms Olivera Popović, ABW Serbia; Ms Savka Todorovska, National council for gender equality, FYR Macedonia; Mr Besmir Gjokutaj, Agenda Institute, Albania; Ms Nuray Ozbay – Turkey
    Workshop 2.3: Sustainable future financial initiatives for CSOs
JDE 63, 99 rue Belliard

A panel from Six Balkan Western countries and Turkey.
The panel will discuss experience from EU funding and suggest recommendations for the next budget period concerning the civil society organizations.

Facilitator/Rapporteur: Ms Margareta Eklund, FREJA Academy, Sweden representative; Nicola Bertolini, DG Enlargement; Mr Volkan Akkus Turkey 
    Workshop 3.1: Best practices on social entrepreneurship
TRE 7701, 77 Rue du Trèves

Presentation of best practice and successful projects in the area of social entrepreneurship.

Facilitator/ Rapporteur: Ms Emina Haskić, HA “Prijatelice”, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Speakers: Mr Teo Petričević, Croatia; Ms Irena Shtraza, Gender Alliance for Development Centre in Albania, Expert from EU-country
16:45 - 17:45   CLOSING SESSION
Conclusion – the evaluation will be made by audience response participation system 
18:30   Networking event in the European Parliament

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