Venue: Green Park Hotel


09.00-12.00 Freja Academy - Training Sessions

Freja Academy is an association and an independent part of Freja Forum. The association has the objective to promote the NGOs to strengthen their role and work to be an important actor in the civil society, based on values of democracy and equal opportunities.

One of the tasks of the Freja Academy is to continuously educate and develop NGO members to increase the knowledge in different areas which will assure a strong and sustainable work for the future.

Freja Academy offers their members to choose between five parallel training sessions. After participating in one of session A-D, the participant will receive a certificate.


Session A - Fundraising and financing for NGOs

Lecturer: Prof. Ahmet Evin, Jean Monnet Chair, Istanbul Policy Centre, Sabanci University
Lecturer: Onur Sazak – Istanbul Policy Centre, Sabanci University (tbc)

The aim of this session is to provide an overview of the real life experiences of the speakers to the audience on fundraising and project management. The session will enable the participants to understand the many complexities in fund raising for NGOs. It will also offer insights into some of the financing issues facing NGOs today.


Session B - Lobbying and Advocacy

Lecturer: Ms Pierrette Pape, Policy Officer and Project Coordinator, EWL Centre on Violence against Women.


Carin HolmquistSession C - Women’s entrepreneurship

Lecturer: Professor Carin Holmquist, PhD, Family Stefan Persson Chair in Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, Stockholm School of Economics

The aim of the session is to give an up-to-date overview of the scientific knowledge on women’s entrepreneurship. It also aims at providing participants with practical insight on how to use research results in their work. The session consists of lectures, discussions and case work. The content of the session is:

- mainstream entrepreneurship research, a short overview
- research on women’s entrepreneurship – an overview
- the addendum approach, the liberal view
- the feminist approach, the radical view
- discussion: women’s and men’s entrepreneurship – similarities and differences
- discussion: the importance of the context for women’s entrepreneurship
- case study: are women and men entrepreneurs treated differently by banks?


Jan SvärdhagenSession D - New Technology and social media as a tool for NGOs

Lecturer: Mr Jan Svärdhagen, Strategical manager responsible for strategy and online education at Dalarna University

The aim of the session is to give an overview of social media tools and how NGOs can use them for empowerment and influence.

- Changes in communication patterns through today's social media
- Power and influence for NGOs through social media
- Examples of tools – try the tools
- Free-of-charge resources
- Strategy for next step


Bertil MattssonKlotilda FerhatiSession E - Brainstorming on development of the future of Freja Academy

Leaders of the training session: Klotilda Ferhati and Bertil Mattsson

The aim of the session is to find the strategy for the next steps of Freja Forum and Freja Academy. The Metaplan method will be used for the planning.




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