Welcome to Freja Forum 7th-9th November 2014 in Podgorica, Montenegro
Forum for development of civil society organizations in Europe.


Freja Forum is a platform for networking and co-operation for CSOs in Western Balkans, Turkey and EU.

In November every year, Freja Forum is gathered somewhere in the Balkans to discuss issues on equal opportunities, democracy and capacity building for CSOs and development of the civil society.

Freja Forum on the 7th -9th November 2014 in Montenegro will discuss issues of equal opportunities, democracy and new challenges of regional development.

Throughout Europe we are facing processes which, in their essence, strive for better quality of life, and more equitable life conditions for all citizens of different regions in Europe.

Freja forum as a civil society organizations forum, will contribute to better understanding of these movements with its wide open approach, which consist of variety outlooks on diversify, areas of actual life and work experience of Europe citizens.

During three days, Freja Forum offers a large number of seminars, workshops and informal meetings. The forum will bring knowledge, experience and practical tips on how to develop the work as a civil society organisation.

Freja Forum - History

2007 in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Theme: Equal opportunities, Democracy and the role of NGO.
2008 in Zagreb, Croatia – Theme: European integration.
2009 in Belgrade, Serbia – Theme: Quality of life.
2010 in Skopje, FYR Macedonia - Theme: Equal Opportunities, Democracy and challenges of Mobility.
2011 in Tirana, Albania - Theme: Development through cooperation within civil society.
2012 in Istanbul, Turkey - Theme: Equal Opportunities, Democracy and Social Innovation.
2013 in Brussels, Belgium - Theme: Equal Opportunities, Democracy and Challenges of European Civil Society Organisations.


The vision is to establish a platform for capacity building of European civil society organisations which are strongly committed to equal opportunities and democracy in all their work.


More information will soon be published here on www.frejaforum.com
Registration and questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Participation in Freja Forum is free of charge, but participants pay for travel, accommodation and meals.


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